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Our NeighborNets Provide a Safehaven

Each YM chapter is referred to as a NeighborNet which is held once a week in over 50 different locations across the country. The NeighborNet’s provide the youth with a healthy social network within an Islamic atmosphere, instilling a sense of brotherhood. This brotherhood and mentorship are what guides a young Muslim in establishing their identity as a Muslim American.

Why YM

“The beauty of YM is that it pushes us to learn from one another and grow spiritually”

The moment you join a NeighborNet you suddenly have 20..30..40 people that you can call your brothers. You find brothers who see something in you even when you don’t see it yourself. This sense of having a belonging and feeling respected by your peers encourages youth to become the best versions of themselves. Suddenly you find yourself a better brother, a respectful son, a motivated student.

Why YM

“I used to be one of those kids who needed some tough love and the elders in the YM community gave me that”

YM is by the youth for the youth. We understand what people may be going through in the different phases of life and can give that sincere advice. The brothers will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. On a local level, this translates to youth staying out of trouble, doing good for the community, and ultimately feeling more connected to Allah.

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