Spirituality Through Knowledge

Each YM conference is strategically planned to mold the young Muslims of today into the leaders of tomorrow!


Develop your spirituality through numerous workshops and sessions conducted by a variety of renowned scholars!


Meet fellow Muslim brothers from near and far! Participate in secret sessions or join the Basketball & Volleyball tournaments and compete with people across the country!


Visit Baltimore. MD for the National Conference and Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, and more for Regional conferences!

NeighborNets Halaqahs


The halaqa's are aimed to address and discuss prominent issues that Muslim youth are facing. Each halaqa provides Muslim youth with a safe zone to freely ask questions and discuss without judgement or fear of not knowing.

The halaqa's are rooted from the Quran and Sunnah while still being relevant to youth.

NeighborNets Activities


The activities provide a meaningful way to develop and strengthen bonds within brothers on and off the field.

Whether you enjoy playing basketball, soccer, ping pong, mafia, or going out to grab a bite with the boys… YM has you covered every single week!

NeighborNets mentorship


There is a true older brother- younger brother type of mentorship in YM. Whether it’s someone older teaching how to make a resume or learning how to drive a car. Someone younger setting an example of how to respect your parents or teaching Quran to someone older. People of all ages are able to teach and learn from one another.

Young Muslims Conference

What is it?

A weekend long conference that gives Muslim youth the opportunity to meet one another, connect, and have access to different workshops and sessions!

Young Muslims Conference
Young Muslims Conference

What’s there to do?

Attend events that you want to attend! The Conference offers a Halal Food Court, Midnight Basketball, Live Entertainment, YM Booth at the Bazaar, MasterChef Competition, Open Mic Competition, Muslim Youth Debate, Paint Night, and Quran Competition!

What’s discussed?

Scholars speak to the young Muslims directly! Their interactive and captivating discussions about topics regarding mental health, gender interactions, chivalry, and more are designed specifically for youth!


Conference Vlogs