Dive into Action with the Zakat Foundation of America

The people of Gaza desperately need your support now. Aid is staged and ready to rush in as soon as a humanitarian corridor opens.

Your support will go towards immediate emergency relief, including:

  • Emergency relief essentials for families in need
  • Medical supplies, hygiene kits, and food ready for distribution
  • Warm blankets and clothing, provide essential warmth
  • Your support will make a difference, helping to save lives during this unprecedented crisis.

Help Save the People of Palestine

Since 2002, the Zakat Foundation of America has been on the ground in this volatile area. Working alongside local partners, Zakat Foundation of America provide both long-term (education, health, and food sustainability) and short-term aid. Our commitment extends beyond the immediate crisis to rebuilding after this tragedy.

Through our seasonal giving program, we continue to support families facing food scarcity with essential food packages. We provide aid to orphans and vulnerable families, ensuring they have access to education, food, and other necessities. As part of our ongoing commitment, we have also pledged to build a cancer hospital in the region.

Your support is crucial in these trying times.

Join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by this unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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