Young Muslims Conference 2024

In a world where global tension and Islamophobia cast shadows on our ummah, it’s easy to feel lost in the vastness of space. Yet, this is precisely the moment to chart a course toward self-improvement- identifying what needs to change within ourselves to make the universe a better place. “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (13:11)

As we embark on this cosmic voyage of self-improvement, the journey beyond into the expanding space becomes crucial. Fulfilling our obligations to family, friends, community, and Allah becomes a guiding light in these troubling times, allowing us to find our orbit. Each commitment transcends earthly constraints, pushing against the darkness that surrounds us all and reaching for the stars of enlightenment.

Surrounded by pitch black, we discover a light that propels us beyond, becoming beacons in the cosmos. Join us on this journey, for in rediscovering our inner brilliance, we gain the fortitude to face the asteroids that lie ahead.. “And whoever Allah does not bless with light will have no light!” (24:40)

Prepare for takeoff on May 25th to 27th at the Baltimore Convention Center for the largest Muslim youth conference in the nation! Get ready for a weekend long conference that gives you the opportunity to meet one another, connect, and have access to different workshops and sessions! Attend the events you want! The Conference offers a Halal Food Court, Basketball, YM Booth at the Bazaar, Open Mic Competition, Muslim Youth intensive and Quran Competition! Get a chance to talk and connect with your favorite speakers! Their interactive and captivating discussions are about topics relevant to the struggles of youth today!

Baltimore Convention Center: 1 W Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201.

Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel: 300 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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