About Us

Young Muslims (YM) is a pioneering national youth organization that has been on the youth scene since the early 90’s. We have established a well organized network of local youth groups that we call NeighborNets (which means network of neighbors) across the United States and Canada. Each NeighborNet is a dynamic youth group which attempts to build a solid understanding of the principles of Islam amongst its members by helping them put these principles into practice. By providing the youth with an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of brotherhood with their peers, they become comfortable with Islam and its teachings. We encourage these youth to take the next step and become the torchbearers of Islamic work in America. We stress the importance of knowing, understanding, and fulfilling our individual and collective obligations as Muslims.

Mission Statement

The goal of Young Muslims shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by educating, training, and developing the Muslim youth to be Islamic workers for the establishment of Islam in the United States.


As Muslim youth groups in the early 90s were popping up across the country in northern New Jersey, New York City, and Chicago, a unifying effort was made in order to establish a national network. Out of these collections of youth groups, Young Muslims was born. Our first charter and national coordinator were established in 1995.

In our twenty years we have grown immensely, expanding to 7 official regions in 5 states. We have established several national efforts and collaborations, producing prolific Islamic workers and bringing thousands closer to Islam. YM continues to challenge itself to grow as an organization, both in numbers and in quality..

What is YM?


Albab Ali
Albab AliNational Coordinator 2018-2019
Age: 24
City: Teaneck, NJ
Years in YM: 9

I have been involved with YM since the age of 16, having served as NeighborNet Coordinator for YM Teaneck for 4 months until becoming the New Jersey Sub-Regional Coordinator for two terms (2014-2015). I graduated May 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science.
Danial Farrukh
Danial FarrukhNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 22
City: Piscataway, NJ
Years in YM: 7

I joined YM in November of 2011 as a 15 year old high school sophomore, I was a NeighborNet Coordinator for YM Piscataway in 2016, Sub-Regional Coordinator for YM New Jersey in 2017, and am currently serving on the National Shura. I graduated from Rutgers University in May of 2018 double majoring in Human Resource Management and Information Technology and am currently working at ADP as a client support consultant.
Abdullah Ahmad Siddiki
Abdullah Ahmad SiddikiNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 22
City: North Jersey
Years in YM: 7

I have been involved with YM since the age of 15. I was a Neighbornet coordinator, a member of the Sub-Regional Core Team and heavily involved in YM’s design, merchandise, and conference teams. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. I am interested in working in data science and machine learning.
Abdullah Damra
Abdullah DamraNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 20
City: Villa Park, IL
Years in YM: 6

I have been involved with YM since the age of 14. I was a Neighbornet coordinator for Westside Chicago in 2015, a member of the Sub-Regional Core Team for 2 years, and am currently serving on the National Shura. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Pre-Medicine at Benedictine University.
Ali Khawaja
Ali KhawajaNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 24
City: Dallas, Texas
Years in YM: 8

I joined Young Muslims Jamaica neighbornet when I was 17 years old. I became the coordinator of the neighbornet when I was 18. The following year I served as the Subregional coordinator of Young Muslims New York. I lead Young Muslims north east retreat the following year. Currently I am the national expansion coordinator for Young Muslims. Young Muslims taught the value of helping people. I am currently working full time while continuing my higher level education.
Uzair Khalil
Uzair KhalilSecretary General 2018 – 2019
Age: 22
City: Brooklyn, NY
Years in YM: 3

After being introduced to YM in my first year of college, I quickly saw the profound and positive impacts the organization was having on the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of myself and those around me. I went on to serve in a number of roles over the years, including as NY Sub Regional Coordinator in 2017. Currently, I work in the field of Management Consulting.
Mahmood Hasan
Mahmood HasanNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 21
City: Houston, TX
Years in YM: 8

I joined YM in June of 2010 at the age of 13. I served as NeighborNet Coordinator for YM Bear Creek in 2016, Sub-Regional Coordinator for YM Houston in 2017, and am currently serving on the National Shura. I will be graduating from University of Houston in May of 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Accounting, and plan on pursuing a Masters of Science in Accountancy. I plan on taking the CPA and CMA exams upon my MSACCY graduation.
Abdullah Basith
Abdullah BasithNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 23
City: Chicago, IL
Years in YM: 6

I graduated college, being awarded a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Economics with a minor in Psychology. YM allowed me to develop skills that I used to work with others to produce a desired outcome. These skills led me to secure a position at Medline Industries as a Forecast Coordinator for the Demand Planning team. Inshallah any pleasure I have gained by Allah and the skills that I have learned help me for the rest of my life as it has done for others.
Qasim Ashraf
Qasim AshrafNational Shura Member 2018-2019
Age: 22
City: New York, NY
Years in YM: 8

I joined YM at the age of 14 when I helped start my local Neighbornet. I served multiple roles in YM including being NY Sub-Regional Coordinator and leading multiple Regional Retreats. I graduated in June 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Math.I am currently working as a Data Scientist


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