About our Conferences "Seeking Knowledge, Seeing Results" Spirituality through Knowledge Each and every conference is strategically planned to mold the young Muslims of today into the leaders of tomorrow. A wide variety of scholars share their insight on various subjects to give Muslim youth [...]



About our Retreats "Strengthening of Iman through Fun" Our Retreats Contain a Balance of Fun and Spirituality Each YM subregion has a Retreat once a year. The Retreat provides a healthy outdoor environment within an Islamic climate with group activities such as archery [...]



Inside the NeighborNet "The powerhouse of Young Muslims" Our NeighborNets Provide a Safehaven Each YM chapter is referred to as a NeighborNet which is held once a week in over 50 different locations across the country. The NeighborNet's provide the youth with a [...]

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