Project Description

Our Retreats Contain a Balance of Fun and Spirituality

Each YM subregion has a Retreat once a year. The Retreat provides a healthy outdoor environment within an Islamic climate with group activities such as archery and rafting, spiritual growth with guest speakers and campfire halaaqas, and of course brotherhood.

Speakers ActivitiesBrotherhood

Our retreats have some of the most well-known speakers across the country who come to share their knowledge and join in on the fun!

We have a variety of activity types for each and every person such as outdoor activities, group sports, party games, and more!

As always, the brotherhood is unmatched! Retreats are a place where people who might not even know each other before compete together, laugh with each other, and… prank one another.

YM NorthEast Retreat

YM Florida Retreat

YM SouthWest Retreat