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“Sunnah an-Nasr wa at-Tamkeen,” originally a lecture by Ahmad Alsayad, has been translated and adapted by the Muslim American Society (MAS).

Muslims Facing and Overcoming Challenges 

In recent years, Muslims in the West have faced challenges including youth turning to atheism, lack of unity, racism, prejudice, Islamophobia, harassment, occupation, and resource theft. This article delves into Allah’s promise of victory, which is universal and constant when believers fulfil certain conditions. 

The Quran assures believers of victory and divine support, applicable across time and circumstances. Victory is not solely the outcome of material action but a reward for patience and steadfastness in spreading Allah’s message. Fulfilling conditions like strong belief and consistent effort ensures Allah’s eventual victory.

Muslims Victory in Islam 

Victory in Islam manifests through various means such as defeating enemies, demonstrating truth, preventing adversaries from achieving goals, and embracing Islam. It’s crucial to understand and meet prerequisites for victory, including enduring hardship and maintaining righteousness. Straight victories may be followed by setbacks, emphasizing preparation for ongoing challenges. Ultimate victory entails established authority and successive leadership on Earth, contingent upon believers’ adherence to conditions outlined in the Quran.

Muslims must focus on having patience, trust, and good deeds to attain victory in this life and the Hereafter. Following Allah and His Messenger’s guidance is essential during hardships, fostering reconciliation, discipline, and fortitude. Victory is assured by Allah, but believers must actively strive for it, putting in their best efforts while trusting in divine timing and wisdom. Defeat can occur for various reasons, but believers should remain steadfast, knowing that victory is ultimately in Allah’s hands.

To maintain momentum, believers must focus on fulfilling conditions for victory, ensuring unity, and trusting in Allah’s promise of triumph.

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