LaunchGood Tips on Ramadan Fundraising

Article Reference: LaunchGood

Ramadan is a time for reflection, community, and giving for Muslims, and LaunchGood is here to help you make your fundraising journey more fruitful and inspiring.

To stay motivated, leverage social media, and effectively use Zakat for your campaigns, follow these tips from LaunchGood:

  1. Find inspiration in every fast: Celebrate small victories and share them with your supporters.
  2. Connect with your why: Remember your purpose and keep your community engaged with regular updates and stories.
  3. Master social media: Make every post count and craft a compelling story using visual storytelling, go-live sessions, hashtags, and trends.
  4. Unlock the potential in your fundraising efforts: Utilize Zakat education on your platform, show impact by sharing stories and updates on how funds are being used, and share our Zakat calculator for easy donation calculations.
  5. Celebrate generosity: Celebrate the spirit of generosity by using the right motivation, social media strategies, and Zakat utilization to soar to new heights. Remember, every effort counts, every donation matters, and every act of kindness is amplified in this blessed month.

Let’s make this Ramadan the most impactful with the right motivation, social media strategies, and Zakat utilization.

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