LaunchGood Resources: Helping Unlock Your Campaign’s Potential

Ever wanted to start a campaign but never knew where to start or how everything works? LaunchGood got you covered! On LaunchGood you can find a detailed list of answers to many questions you might have about starting a campaign on LaunchGood.

LaunchGood offers guides that provide detailed instructions on how to create a campaign, manage it, and make a donation. It covers various aspects such as setting up payment information, determining the level of funding, registering a campaign as Zakat Eligible or Tax-Deductible, reviewing campaigns, editing &  managing campaigns, and more! Creating a campaign involves setting up payment information, deciding on the level of funding, and determining the duration of the review. Campaigns can be edited after submission, and giving levels can be added for perks.

Managing a campaign involves accessing donor information, a breakdown of campaign funds, sending updates to donors, adding offline donations, changing goal amounts, deleting campaigns, editing offline donations, extending campaign deadlines, refunding donors, and viewing updates. Donations can be made anonymously, and the status of donations can be checked. Campaign creators can interact with users and unsubscribe from donor updates.

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LaunchGood Emphasizes the Importance of Resources and Information

LaunchGood is there to support Muslim brothers and sisters throughout your campaign! In their resource section, you can find some examples of great campaigns from different categories, that might help you find which category you might be interested in the future.

LaunchGood has hundreds of excellent campaigns, you will find just a selection from some of LaunchGood’s favourite campaigns that made an impact!


  1. Protect Orphans & Vulnerable People from a Deadly Winter

  2. Together We Can: Donate To Help End Domestic Violence


  1. Provide Iftar In Al-Aqsa This week In Your Name – #MyAqsaIftar

  2. Food Basket Project

  3. The Muslim Center’s Hunger Van Program

  4. Food & Funds for Refugee Friends with Atlasia & Mozaic! Free Kids Magazine Gifted on Every Donation!


  1. Plant Seeds of Seerah 

  2. Help us Educate 100 of Mothers and Fathers in Syria!


  1. Art by Aruba Prints for Palestine

  2. Name That Prophet Board Game

  3. The Productive Muslim Company Barakah Journal


  1. Tatreez & Tea: Keeping Palestinian Embroidery Traditions Alive in the Diaspora

  2. Let’s Bring our Thobes Back Home

Film & Video:

  1. Fund A Unique Documentary About Prophet Muhammad With Interviews From Converts From Around The World

  2. Education For Every Single Child


  1. The Black Sahaba: Tell Their Stories


  1. Sajdah – The World’s First Smart Educational Prayer Rug | Buy or Donate Now

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