Looking back at the tragic attacks on two mosques in New Zealand earlier this year, LaunchGood, led by CEO and co-founder Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt, supported the affected Muslim community. The crowdfunding platform’s remarkable success in raising funds not only surpassed expectations but also showcased the power of our global Ummah unity.
Within seven hours of launching the campaign, LaunchGood garnered an impressive amount of dollars. Astonishingly, the contributions reached over $1 million within two days and eventually surpassed $1.62 million in U.S. dollars, making this the most successful campaign since the platform’s start in 2013.Photo Credit: LaunchGood

LaunchGood Impactful Campaigns

The global response was equally remarkable, with more than 36,000 donors from 120 countries extending their support. These funds were meticulously distributed through partnerships with on-the-ground Muslim groups in New Zealand, including the New Zealand Islamic Information Centre (NZIIC) and the Canterbury Muslim Community Trust. Collaborations with organizations such as the Michigan Muslim Community Council in the U.S. further underscored LaunchGood’s commitment to collective action.
Beyond addressing the immediate aftermath of the attacks, LaunchGood’s alliances have had a lasting impact. The partnerships forged with Muslim groups in New Zealand and the U.S. have not only provided crucial financial assistance but have also facilitated a broader mission. LaunchGood’s support extends beyond the Muslim community, contributing to campaigns that uplift marginalized groups and advocate for social justice.

Organizations Supporting the Muslim Community Worldwide

As Young Muslims, it is important to witness a transformative narrative unfold—a narrative of communities coming together, transcending borders, and creating positive change. LaunchGood’s success is not just a testament to its crowdfunding prowess but also a reflection of a global movement within the Muslim community to actively address challenges and stand in solidarity.
In these challenging times, especially currently we are witnessing the hard times of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. the collective support is more important than ever. LaunchGood’s journey exemplifies the potential for positive change when individuals and communities unite. As we reflect on the incredible impact of Muslims around the world making a change, it becomes clear that by standing together, we can indeed make a difference.

We are stronger when we stand together supporting one another.