The purpose of this form is to document working interest for the YM Brothers National Departments and Teams, also known as YM Cabinet.

Our Mission

The goal of the YM Cabinet (YM’s body of national teams operations) is to create impactful and sustainable systems for national teams that educate, facilitate, and develop Muslim youth to become literate, balance-minded contributors of society that work collectively to establish Islam.

Our Operations

As of December 2023, the YM Cabinet is made of 6 Departments and 20 National Teams. View the document below for a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities required for relevant teams.

The Process

  • Submit this screening form.
  • Allow 5-7 days for our HR Team to review your submission.
  • Based on availability and human capital need, an HR rep will reach out to connect you with a team lead.

Note: Because of the expansive nature of the YM Cabinet, every team has their own set of criteria they look for when reviewing a possible addition. Form submission does not guarantee team addition.

Additionally, Note: If you are currently in an active YM leadership role, your approval in an additional role will require authorization from your residing subregional coordinator or National Shura representative.

For Questions, Inquires, and More Information: 

Head of HR: Rayan Alnajar |

HR Dept.:

HR Recruitment Form

Click this for a breakdown on the YM Cabinet Team Roles and Responsibilities !