Article Reference: American Muslims for Palestine Boycott Guide

In the face of the ongoing Israeli apartheid and violence towards Palestinians, the call from Palestinian civil society for international boycott, divestment and sanctions resonates stronger than ever. American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) are making efforts to maximize our collective impact through strategic boycotts targeting companies complicit in Israeli oppression. With a narrowed list of targets derived from both official Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaigns and organic movements, AMP’s Boycott Guide gives a clear focus to amplify and direct our boycott efforts for greater efficacy.

AMP Boycot Guide
Image Credit: AMP Boycot Guide

Image Credit: American Muslims for Palestine 

Central to the guide is the differentiation between official boycott targets and other campaigns that have come up across social media. The former consists of companies with explicit ties to Israeli crimes, designated by the BDS National Committee as collective targets for boycott or divestment. The latter encompasses entities with both explicit and indirect ties to Israeli oppression, which may not be on the immediate radar of BDS but warrant inclusion in AMP boycott efforts nonetheless.

Companies falling under the category of explicit ties to the Israeli occupation and military violence are those whose involvement in sustaining Israeli oppression is undeniable. AMP researchers deem these companies as primary targets for boycott and divestment campaigns due to their direct contribution to Israeli crimes. By focusing our efforts on these companies, we strike at the heart of the system enabling the Israeli government’s discriminatory policies. 

Independent social media efforts and grassroots organizing have uplifted other companies for a boycott. While aimed at holding all complicit entities accountable for their involvement, some of these targets spread our efforts too thin or are very indirectly complicit in injustices facing Palestinians. Others, despite being indirectly complicit, are important targets to amplify to show the strength of our movement to change everyday choices in protest of injustice. AMP uplifts some of these organic targets and describes these companies’ overlapping issues of worker oppression or other injustices.

Maximizing Impact By Acting Now

By concentrating our efforts on a select group of targets, we can take urgent action to amplify the impact of our boycott campaigns. This strategic approach allows for more focused advocacy, garnering greater attention and support for our cause. Moreover, it sends a powerful message to both the companies and the wider public that complicity in human rights abuses will not be tolerated.

The time for action is now. Armed with a refined list of boycott targets and a clear understanding of their significance, American Muslims for Palestine urges everyone and communities to join in the collective effort to boycott companies profiting from Israeli apartheid and violence. Whether through refraining from purchasing their products, divesting from their stocks, or amplifying the call for boycotts on social media platforms, every action contributes to the larger movement for justice and equality.

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