American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the rights of Palestinians through education, advocacy, and community empowerment. Founded on the principles of justice, equality, and human rights, AMP works tirelessly to educate the Muslim-American community and its allies about the historical and ongoing struggles faced by Palestinians. Through seminars, workshops, and outreach programs, AMP fosters a deeper understanding of the Palestinian cause and empowers individuals to take action.

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In addition to education, AMP organizes and mobilizes members of the Muslim-American community, as well as allies from diverse backgrounds, to actively engage in advocacy efforts. From lobbying policymakers to participating in protests and rallies, AMP continuously amplifies the voices of Palestinians and advocates for their rights to self-determination, freedom, and dignity. By building coalitions and forging alliances with like-minded organizations, AMP strives to create meaningful change and support the Palestinian people in their quest for justice and peace.

Through its unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, AMP serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity for Palestinians and all those who believe in the universal values of human rights and social justice.

Ways How AMP Defends Humanitarian Aid and Workers in Gaza

In a recent article, American Muslims for Palestine shared that Israel’s war on Gaza has killed over 31,000 Palestinians, displaced 85% of the population, and left 93% facing acute hunger. Global famine experts revealed high levels of acute food insecurity and imminent famine.

To save lives, contact Congress members to pressure the Biden Administration to reinstate full funding to UNRWA, prioritize the opening of all borders for aid delivery, halt all U.S. weapons transfers to Israel, and demand a complete, permanent, and unconditional ceasefire. Watch a conversation about “Debfunding UNRWA: Gaza’s Remaining Lifeline” featuring Francesca Albanese, Dr. Thaer Ahmad, and Ayah Ziyadeh. Continued Congressional advocacy is crucial to shaping policies and decisions directly impacting Palestinian lives.

Find the full article and links here.

On the AMP website, you will find countless resources on how you can help Palestine.