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A significant challenge faced by Muslim students pursuing higher education in the United States is the presence of Riba, or interest, in educational funding. This article delves into the impact of Riba on educational funds and the limitations it creates for Muslim students striving to achieve their academic goals. Riba, prohibited in Islamic finance, refers to the charging or paying of interest on loans due to its exploitative nature.

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Students Learning Together

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Riba on educational funds in the US is causing significant stress for students, with over 80% feeling that borrowing funds with high riba is a source of stress. Over 50% find it difficult to ask for help from friends and family, highlighting the need for serious action. The rising stress levels have detrimental effects on mental health, particularly for Muslim students and Black Muslims, who face a pay gap. The rising tuition costs are causing a long-term problem that negatively impacts relationships, mental, and physical health. 

Riba-free financial security is crucial for students to escape this system. A Continuous Charity aims to provide financial assistance with 0% riba for higher education, aiming to produce graduates with strong Muslim identities and well-versed in their fields. With your support, A Continuous Charity has awarded 445 riba-free funds, saving $7.8 million in funds allocated to students and $4.1 million to students in riba. Your gift today allows students to complete their education without sacrificing their deen and its values.