A Beautiful Reminder

Tonight there was a girl who walked into the Masjid holding tightly to the scarf that kept falling from head. I had just finished praying ‘Asr when she walked up to me and said, ‘I’m so sorry. I know you just finished praying. I want to pray too but I don’t really know how. Could you pray with me and recite out loud so I can learn?’

I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I lead her in prayer just the way she asked me to. She seemed so sincere. After we prayed, I was going to the YM event and I invited her to join me. She told me that her mother was Christian and her father was Muslim. He brought her to the Masjid when she was younger, but as she had grown up, he stopped. Now she was here, almost fifteen years later, because she wanted to learn more about Islam for herself.

That night, she participated in our halaqa, which, coincidentally, was about the importance of remembering Allah and surrounding yourself with those who remember Allah in order to find internal comfort and peace.

SubhanAllah. Things that were basic knowledge to me, like knowing what the word dua’ meant, were not known to her at all. I admired her that night. It was humbling. As person born into Islam, I had never in my life thought that it would be possible for me or anyone to turn away from it. And if I did lose the way, I really don’t know if I would have ever thought to come back.

Allah truly is Al Hadi – the only one who guides souls upon the straight path. The last words she said to us before giving salaam were ‘You girls are here every weekend right?’

SubhanAllah. I’m looking forward to her joining us next weekend InshaAllah. She was one of the most beautiful reminders Allah has ever given me.

- YM member from New York


  • Oumou Ba says:

    This is so inspirational and may Allah swt guide her incha’Allah Thank You Sister!

  • Daniyyelle says:

    This is so inspiring mashaAllah!
    I would be the girl you’re talking about in this post. I’m totally new to Islam and in the process of conversion, being brought up in a VERY Christian American family. They of course don’t know I’m studying Islam and probably won’t for a long time, unfortunately. I’m glad there are communities like this though that I and others like me can rely on for support!

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