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There is absolutely nothing like YM alhumdulillah. There are literally [brothers] here from age 14 to 27 and everyone is straight chillin

Arif Hussain, fmr. YM Natl. Coordinator '08-'09

There's nothing like the feeling you get after a great NN [YM NeighborNet]. It makes you wonder how much more amazing hanging out with the brothers will be in Jannah. iA The Most High allows us to keep experiencing moments like these in our lives and in the hereafter.

Omar Moqeet, fmr. YM Natl. Shura Member, active YM Chicago member

The best years of my life were spent as a member of Young Muslims. No joke!

Gareth Bryant, fmr. YM Natl Shurah member '08-09' from YM NY

I am indebted to YM for what its done for me, it’s had a huge impact on my life…I made life-long friendships.

Faraz Iqbal, fmr. YM Natl. Coordinator '98-'00

YM Brothers are amazing mashaAllah. Every time I meet one of them or spend time with them, I am taken back. May Allah bless them for their efforts and hard work. Ameen

Imam Omar Suleiman