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Young Muslims is the place to be! How do you know if it’s the perfect place for you?
1) If you like playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, and more.
2) If you like eating
3) If you enjoy playing games such as taboo, mafia, hangman, charades, and more
4) If you have the drive to learn about topics that are discussed while relating them back to our personal lives (Ex: 7 Shaded under the throne of Allah, Youth of the cave, etc)

Now you know that your friendly neighborhood YM is the PERFECT place for you. Is there something missing at your NeighborNet that you wish was there? Make it happen! We welcome positive change and we hope to better this work with each passing day.

Who We Are

Young Muslims (YM) is a pioneering national youth organization that has been on the youth scene since the early 90's. We have established a well organized network of local youth groups that we call NeighborNets (which means network of neighbors) across the United States and Canada... Read more


"I am indebted to YM for what its done for me, it’s had a huge impact on my life…I made life-long friendships."

Faraz Iqbal, fmr. YM Natl. Coordinator '98-'00

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